D’O’C meets Ricardo Villalobos
Maggio 21, 2014
Giugno 9, 2014


The feeling that rush over you body when somebody like Carl Cox itself say’s OH YES, OH YES, OH YES when he sees your products it’s very hard to explain in few words, we would need at least few pages of this blog to make this happen.

We have been crafting this art day by day with the same passion that Carl Cox is putting on he’s records for nearly 30 years.

Let us resume the day in short, after nearly 72 hours of preparation, endless changes and tryings the moment has come to leave the studio and move on to the anticipated meeting with Carl and he’s tour manager Ian in one of the most nobel hotel on the Slovenian coast.

Saying that we where tense would be the minimum, CARL is a walking LEGEND, a pioneer of the scene and despite he’s age he still put so much energy in what he is doing that we will not find a similar example all over the world.

The moment has arrived, we can see him walking toward us, he sits, grab the stuff and the reaction is very positive, typical Carl style: “I LOVE IT, you know, VINYLS are my great passion, i have started with them and your products are just AMAZING, i really do like them!!!”

OH YES, OH YES, OH YES, this is exactly what we wished for.

After nearly half an hour, Carl has to leave the lobby as the driver is waiting to take him for dinner. “Please contact my management, guys you are half way to success as i really dig your stuff”. He left the hotel with the smile on he’s face and we believe we did an amazing job.

Please expect more news about this joint-venture in the near future as we are sure that this story is not over yet.

OH CARL, OH CARL, OH CARL, thanks for your time and your kindness.


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