Luglio 11, 2013
the NEW AMAZING DISCOVER collection is HERE!
Marzo 24, 2014

Few days left and we’ll be attending AUTUMN FAIR in Birmigham, the UK’s largest gift fair of the season, where we’ll be presenting, among our classics, our amazing new product line: THE VINYLTILES.

Vinyltiles are an exciting new way to liven up your house with a touch of pure VINTAGE style. Real records, cutted and arranged to create amazing patterns on your walls! Play with your creativity to generate unique geometries for your living room. Push the boundaries of your imagination. Redisign your walls and furniture!

Depending on your needs and where you’re gonna use them, you can use glue, self adhesive tape or a magnetic strip to stick them to your wall, wardrobe or fridge… possibilities are endless!

Unleash your crativity: NOW!



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